About Steve

Meet Steve Scheetz, candidate seeking your nomination to run and represent Pennsylvania in the US Senate.

He grew up in Southeastern Pennsylvania, along the Schuylkill River in a suburb of Philadelphia. He is a Veteran, and he works in the chemicals industry innovating for the Automotive, Aircraft, Cookware, Electronics, and even for the Fashion industry.

Discovering Libertarianism as a teen, the philosophy led him to vote Libertarian as far back as 1992. However, he did not become very active, in the movement, until he was in his 30’s. During that decade, Steve became more involved in the party as opposed to just in the Libertarian Community. At the local levels in Montgomery and Chester County, he became active in more leadership roles such as secretary and chair of a county affiliate. In 2013, Steve was elected to serve in the role of Chair in 2013, for two years, after which he took a break from that role and became more of an activist for Libertarian idealism. Not straying far from the party, He ran for Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania chair again in 2019 to serve for another two years. This particular tenure, there was more of a focus on running for office as a means to bridge the gaps between philosophy and actually solving problems. Recognizing that there are many issues facing all of us, we needed to translate Libertarianism into a language people from other parties could easily digest, while not being turned off. All people want a Libertarian solution if it means coming together to solve problems. Libertarian Principles are the bedrock of effective solutions, and while many politicians make “unity” a catch phrase, Steve works to bridge divides among people in order to solve problems and make things happen.

Come work with our campaign and see how freedom can be the solution everyone needs!